‘Second Act’ || Private screening & My thoughts

*warning mild spoliers*

Last night I, can we believe it, was invited to a private screening of the one and only JLo’s new film ‘Second Act’. After a busy day, getting caught in the rain and then being snowed on all whilst just walking to the Soho Hotel, it was so nice to sit in a warm room and watch a film which was actually good.

As mentioned in my last screening blogpost for Mary Queen of Scots, I want to watch more films this year and so far I’ve watched two – which is progress considering I only made it to the cinema a handful of times throughout the whole of last year.

So far, so good! ‘Second Act’ starring Jennifer Lopez as Maya Vargas, is a chick flick filled with female empowerment and comedy whilst still having purpose and depth to the storyline.

I’ll be honest when I first watched the trailer although I thought it was going to be good, I didn’t expect it to be as good as it was or have such a momentous storyline.

In the film, apart the fact from JLO looked like a goddess, she switched her celebrity life to play a 43 year old discount super market worker who was underpaid, underappreciated and underqualified.

This didn’t stop her however, through a hell of a lot of laughter (seriously, the whole room was laughing out loud) we saw Maya go from local supermarket underachiever to landing her dream job as she her wish really became her command – you’ll have to watch to find out!

‘No relationship built on a lie will last’, a standout token from an abundance of motivational movie lines which Maya Vargas learnt in business, her relationship and family. Even though she thought she finally had what she wanted, was she really about what she had and how she got it?

The entire cast worked cohesively together, complimenting each other. Jennifer’s Co-stars Leah Remini and Vanessa Hudgens added a bright spark to the set as they both help and hinder her in different ways to all in all make this a great female led film.

Overall I would say this film is a must see! There is something for everyone from lots of comedy to a romance, relationship issues and hidden twists it really does pack a punch into an hour and a half.

‘Second Act’ is out in UK cinema’s this Friday and you can pre-order tickets NOW!

FUN FACT: I actually vlogged for the first ever time yesterday too so if you want to see my immediate reaction after watching and what else I got up to yesterday watch the video below:

As always thanks for the support, let me know in the comments/on social media if you go and watch the film and also let me know if you actually like these film opinion type pieces.

See you next time!!!


Hi, hello, hey there? This is weird and new but I’ve been thinking about starting this blog for nearly 2 years now. I think that after all of my procrastination the time has finally come where I feel ready to start my journey as a blogger – or maybe not a blogger maybe just someone who blabbers thoughts no one cares about on a site which no one will read.

I am currently 19, interested in writing, music, style and entertainment, trying to just get used to putting myself out there and grabbing opportunities to gain experience. I would always look at bloggers and read blogs thinking about it as something I would like to one day do but never really got round to it or fully looked into it.

My blog, if all goes to plan, will contain music, life and style/fashion posts where I will hopefully post some good content you will want to read.

I’m aiming to post regularly on here sharing what I get up to in life, music news, reviews and thoughts along with style posts with just general topics. I might switch it up sometimes and write some advice if I have any that’s good and I’ll also be open to requests or ideas from my readers- that’s if I get any.

If you’re reading this right now whether I’ve forced you, you’ve for some reason willingly chose to or you stumbled across it I’m glad you’re here! I hope you like my content and it would be great if you stuck around….

I guess this is where my first blog post ends?