An Evening of Lights

Lights, we have them in our houses, workplaces, cars – lets be honest they’re everywhere. Saying that I’ve never seen lights quite like this; as the walk through experience takes Christmas decorating to a whole new level.

Following the huge success of last year’s festival, the bright showcase returned to Birmingham’s botanical gardens for a second year running. This unique experience incorporates Chinese lanterns with giant character concepts combining to curate a dazzling display.

There really is something for everyone as the Festival boasts an impressive 12-metre-long entrance float, to a variety of creative themes throughout the experience ranging from, traditional Chinese concepts, festive themes, football, animals and flowers. If that wasn’t enough the gardens are also laced with vivid (even some flashing) strip lights in and between different sculptures.

The magical festival celebrating over 2,000 years of lanterns is the perfect unique, memorable and exciting experience for the whole family to enjoy.

This year’s festival is running till the 1st of January, however check out the website below to be ready for next years.

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